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I'm a SAHM of a lil girl love to work in psp write tuts make scrapkits anything else just ask can leave Me a message on chat

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Monday, January 18, 2016

This tutorial was written by Angel-Lynn on 1/18/2016.
It's concept is copyrighted to Angel-Lynn.
Any creation you make from my ideas are yours.
You may print out this tutorial for your own personal use,
but please do not copy it in any way to put online,
pass out or rewrite without my permission
or worse yet attempt to claim as your own.

[Love is Frightfully Delightful]

Supplies Needed:
font of choice
tube by The Hunter
Scrapkit Red N Black by me for my club only
mask of choice

new image

select all

copy and paste
into selection rnbp10

add your mask to rnbp10
rename mask

copy n paste
rnbframe3 rename fr

using magic wand
click on inside of fr

selections modify
expand 25

add new layer
under fr

copy n paste
into selection rnbp1
deselect rename p1

copy n paste
rnbel46 resize 85%
5x's rename wa1

copy n paste
rnbel23 resize
75% 2x's rename bl

copy n paste
rnbel21 resize 75%
rename hdl

copy n paste
rnbel40 resize
75% rename wa2

copy n paste
rnbel27 rename smoke1 dup
rename smoke2 dup rename smoke3

highly smoke2 effects
refield water ripples
play around with it to a slight
ripple repeat for smoke3 but change
it slightly

add your tube

resize all layer checked
500x500 pixels

add copyrights
add name

hide smoke2 and smoke3
copy merge paste into

back in psp hide smoke1 unhide
smoke2 copymerge paste into animation
after first frame

back in psp hide smoke2 unhide smoke3
copymerge paste into animation after

in animation edit select all
animation-frame properties 25 ok

save and your done
*hope u enjoyed My tut hugsss*
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